Wednesday, August 15, 2012

We are 'Tuning In' to our new inquiry.

Room 3 are 'Tuning In' to our new inquiry: "Why do landforms continuously change?". We are using the 'See, Think, Wonder' thinking routine to becoming in engaged in our new inquiry and access our prior knowledge about the Manawau Gorge.

This is how the 'See, Think, Wonder' thinking routine works:

SeeI see…
Write all the things you can see in the image (no interpretations).

Think – I think…
What do you think is going on in the image? What does it make you think?

Wonder – I wonder…
Wondering is about asking questions that help us delve deeper into an idea.
What are you wondering based on what you have seen and thought?

We will work in threes and use voicethread to record our 'Sees', 'Thinks' and 'Wonders' about images of the Manawatu Gorge.

As we are doing our voicethread we will be working as scientists by making careful observations, recording our initial thinkings and questioning what we see.

Please listen below:

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  1. You really are scientists Room 3. It takes a great deal of patience to observe we. In the recording of your voicethread you are very precise with the language you use. Well done.